Foam bulkheads in poly boats

Does anybody have foam bulkheads in their kayaks? Do they leak? Are you happy with them? Are there any better methods out there I might not know about (I know that P&H and Valley have poly welded bulkheads)?

I am looking at a new type of bulkhead so this is “research”…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Put em in the america
Do they leak? Yes but not so much that they impair righting the boat and getting it to shore.

(as opposed to God knows how many gallons of water and the submarine effect w/o)and I put a drain plug in the front (rear had one).

I went with a block by block (of foam)sandwich setup leaving the center foatation bar in place.

I had to re-do the setup after discovering that wedging created a more rounded hull and threw the entire handling of the boat off.

I installed T handles running thru the blocks to allow me to remove em if needed.

Foam bulkheads are the manufacturer standard in this boat…not a drop from leakage…I put more water in the hatch by putting things I’ve let trail in the water back into the hatch…

Just require maintenance
My old Squall had foam bulkheads, as does the RM Elaho that is still with us. After the first season in particular, they tend to require a fresh application of something like Lexel once or twice a year, because over time the plastic boat deforms a smidge here and there or the originla sealant wears out so the bulkhead leaks around the edges. It’s messy, but not complicated to do.

My Daggers have foam
Both my yaks have foam bulkheads. One of them came with a foam bulkhead, the other one I added after I got the yak. Both are watertight. I cant think of a better method, they are light weight and can be watertight.

I use a flotation bag
on a pamlico 140. I need one more for the front.

I’ve seen the product “Lexel” used
in numberous posts on Pnet but have yet to be able to find any of this product @ my local hardware stores, home depot, or lowes.

Is there another product that anyone could suggest?



float bag
I need a float bag for the front of mine also but they dont make very good dry storage, like a bulkhead does.

ACE Hardware
Kurt, Any Ace Hardware store’s near you? I have purchased Lexel at our local store. It comes in a large tube for a caulking gun as well as a small tube. Small tube is about $5.


thx Wetzool, looks like i’ve got
one 15 miles away, I’ll check it tomorrow.

thx again,