Foam car carriers

I’ve having trouble finding some new foam blocks for transporting my canoe on the roof of my vehicle. I dont want the kind that fit over roof rails. And others I’ve found are only a few inches in length. I’d like some that are 6 - 7 inches long.

Any help?

I’ve gotten mine at my local paddle shop

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But I see they are also available at REI, Dicks, Sports Authority, WalMart, and Amazon.

The blocks that fit on rack crossbars also work well directly on the car roof.

Just Blocks if you already have straps.

And straps if you want to make your own kit.

I've ended up with a several sets over the years and use them regularly with no issues.

Good luck.

I use
the soft rack system from Malibu kayaks.Not sure they’re still available but they span almost the full width of my Toyota PU.Only downside is if you get caught in rain water will eventually start to wick inside.

google is your friend
google “foam roof rack blocks”

Foam Blocks
I invert the ones that are designed to fit on roof racks, the slots fit the gunwales of my canoe perfectly. Much better than the pool noodles I see people using!

hull shape
Length comes with the product but what you’re looking for is a match between the block’s V saddle shape and the hull.

Campmor and maybe NRS short blocks are formed with ‘universal’ V saddles matching a wide hull shape range. Blocks are placed under bulkheads if your hull has walls.

Firmly but lightly, strapping blocks onto the hull with cam straps adapts block to hull so in short your rig will sport a bow end block and a stern end block.

What ever support results is probably all support necessary…I assume there are exceptions requiring custom blocks eg graphite downriver hulls…???

Tie down the strap’s free end to fixed point’s on opposite sides hull.

BTW, when hearing a flapping noise please STOP and retie the strap.

Obtain a strap/block/mounting equipment bag pref in yellow or orange then hide the blocks under…

Beach Towels and Clothing
Will do in a pinch. Just roll them up.