Foam for kayak seat

I have seen several people who use a block of foam that they carve out for a seat. Where can I find a block of foam to use? Any suggestions would be appreciated-

Don, Hudson Valley, NY


And email the FoamForYou seller, as they are very kind to deal with and sell all sorts and sizes of foam.

Where are you
Don, where are you? I’ve got plenty left over from my projects.

If you are close enough you could save on shipping. Send me an e-mail if you are interested.

clossed cell foam

Two of the options
A number I know use Redfish seats:

If you are near the Capital District, Rich at Adirondack Paddle’n Pole has a good stock of foam if you want to carve your own:

Thanks all for the info. I knew if I posted here, I’d get results. We’re not far from the Capital District, so I’ll take drive when I get a chance.