Foam padding

Most of the experienced paddlers in these forums keep repeating that it is very unlikely that any kayak is a 100% perfect fit for any person and that some cockpit outfitting is a must to fine tune you boat control.

After about two years with my (as) new Assateague I decided to give it a try. I purchased some closed cell foam from (excellent customer care, I called with a ton of questions) and padded the hip area and the knee braces.

I was a bit uneasy at first to permanently glue the foam to the boat, I saved for a long time to buy this toy and I was not going to ruin it with some stupid mistake with shape or placement of the braces. So I started with Velcro, It worked fine, and after some small adjustments I glued the foam pads to the boat. It came out really good; I will post some pictures soon.

Man, it became a new boat! It is far more responsive. It really made a big difference for me.

I am joining the chorus now: get some foam and put it on the boat, it is worth a try. The Velcro (chicken) approach is a good one; I needed some fine-tuning positioning the pads, for me it worked well.

I have a question: Many suggest to get rid of the foot braces and pad the bulkhead for foot support. Well, it would surely be easier on the feet on long days, but what if you want to stretch your legs a little? I do this all the time.

i fomaed out my bulkhead
and can still stretch out my legs…i stretch down the center and have my feet a wee bit higher up towards the deck…

also the hint that i picked up from here on the forum and pass on now is the 15 degree angle of the bulkhead foam…makes your feet much more comfortable…

i did bury a piece of webbing behind the last two sections of foam incase i have to remove it…



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So you didn't glued the foot pad? That sounds smart.

want to be able to sell off the boat if i ever needed to or (for some strange reason) wanted to…

kept the rails in the boat for the foot pegs and the pegs and assembly are sitting in the basement…

do not forget to cut a diamond out of the top of the pieces so that you can shove your pump out of the way but still have it if needed!

(and i did cut a small chunk out of the bottoms for drainage purposes as well…)