Foam pads for feet?

My current glass boat (and my WW plastic one) both have some foam pads in the heels area of my feet. These have worn off and I want to replace them.

What’s a good pad you would recommend? I read some old posts on removing old adhesive and some say acetone, some say rubbing alcohol, some say heat and elbow grease … I’m reasonably sure I’ll get rid of the old stuff, curious what to put in there that would be comfortable and last me some time. Should I just get self-sticking padts that REI and the like sell for $15-20 or is there a better way to go about it?


self stick works amazingly well

Check out They have a wide selection of minicell foam, neoprene foam, and self adhevise foam in both types. I bought some self adhesive neoprene foam to place under my heels in my Tsunami and it works great, very comfy.

Mouse Pads
They are really cheap. You can get them on the web from companies that supply businesses who want to give them away. The top surface is fairly tough and they are easy to glue in. I bought a box of them.

Want to resell a few mousepads?

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-;) Where did you get them from? As I was hitting the "Post Message" button before, I noticed that my current mouse pad may be exactly what I want - it is thin heavy duty closed cell foam covered with a nice fabric. If I could get a pair of these I'd be all set. I guess I need to work my way to the office assistant's desk somehow - she's got a full drawer of these "free" pads...

Just a hunch…
Go to Mohawk Canoes website.

Check out their assessories(for sale) for whitewater outfitting.

They sell some knee pads that might serve your purpose, or have something else that would suffice.

I personally have not had any good experiences with self adhering pads…just the opposite as a matter of fact, and I avoid them like the plague.


I got them here

I got the thickest pad. I am actually using one of them for a mousepad for my laptop!

rest your ankles / calves on an old foam block. No muss. No fuss. Very comfortable. Very adjustable.

I’ll probably buy a dozen!