Foam pads for round bars:

I carry sea kayaks on a Dodge Grand Caravan, utilizing the factory rails with round Yakima cross bars, topped with 18" x 4" foam pads. The pads have round holes for round bars. All of the pads I have been able to find recently have “universal” slots to fit factory cross bars. These are not really suitable. Nor are round hole 14" pads. Replacement time is near, and I am unable to find the pads that I want. Anyone know where these can be obtained?

Pool Noodles

Surfboard pads -easy to find online

would “Sherpak” blocks
work for you? the slot is designed in a way that they claim it’s compatible with Yakima, Thule or factory crossbars. check, available in 16" or 22", foam blocks only or as a kit w/straps

I used pipe insulation before
The salmon-colored stuff with pre-cut slits running their length. When I carried a Prijon Twister on the topper roof, that’s all it needed, along with 2 straps. I would loop each strap completely around the foams on each side of the boat, in addition to the normal strapping procedure.

You can buy it at hardware and home improvement stores, generally in 6-ft lengths.

Yep. Pipe foam and cable ties
It’s what your kayak rode on from the factory to the dealer…

Check wit FBO? NM

Not only do they pad your boats,they cut down wind howl, and they allow you to spot your hauler in a big parking lot FAR more easily than using pipe insulation! They’re pretty cheap, and come in a -shall we say interesting? -array of colors.

Slit lengthwise. fit to bar, tape with clear, wide packing tape, and you’re good to go for between 1 and 2 years, perhaps more… We’ve used noodles down here in Miami in the summer Florida sun, and they hold up surprisingly well.

Strap on a set and you’ll be ready to load the boats and


-Frank in Miami