foam planks

I need me some 3" thick closed cell foam, and I’m not liking the prices I see for it in the few places I can find it. Last time I bought some I stopped by Rubber Rope in Watersmeet MI and got a nice sized chunk for $20, but they won’t reply to my calls and I won’t be through there till fall anyway. Anyone know of a place to get it without spending 50-60 bucks? Its gotta be 3" or more thick, and I’d like a plank at least 24" long

Good company, prices and delivery.

Shipping minicell foam can be quite expensive because it is bulky, even though it is light. And minicell prices have gone up a lot in the last 15 years or so.

Sweet Composites sells 3" thick minicell plank in 1’x4’ or 2’x2’ “quarter bun” sizes for the same price as kayak outftting dot com, and they are a very reliable company. You might call both vendors for a shipping quote and go with the lower bidder. I have used the Sweet Composites minicell many times and it is of top quality:

Thanks for the links. Shipping is under $10.50 for 4 foot planks even of the 4" thick foam at Rookie’s link, which isn’t expensive at all. The other site does its best to scare you off with their talk of shipping prices.

It is the full buns that are extremely expensive to ship. Sweets ships the quarter and half buns at their actual cost to ship. But $10.50 sounds like a good price.

Kayakoutfitting’s shipping is not only reasonable, but fast. It’s USPS priority mail. He’s really super to work with.

Before I order I’m gonna check with a friend who might be going to Watersmeet where Rubber Rope is. I don’t know, but they could be the ones making the foam that the other ones are selling. Unfortunately I didn’t think of it when another friend went through there just last week!