Foam stabilizers, NOT outriggers????

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Hi folks,
My canoe doesn't need 'em (Dagger Suwannee) but I have a small duck boat I just got for Christmas, A Creekboats M-96. It is 9' 6" long, 42 pounds, and I use it for duck hunting, paddle out to where I need to be, and lay down it in and cover up in camo grass. It just doesn't have the stability I need. I can tip it pretty easy far enough to take on water.

I'd like to add some type of foam stabilizer, just above the waterline, to help add some secondary stability. These are similar to what I'm talking about...

Anyway, anybody know of any other suppliers? I thought I have seen these with a hard plastic coating and maybe a bit more substantial in size.
Seems like I recall these being factory installed on some aluminum canoes, white in color, maybe 3.5" high, 2" thick? right on the gunwales.

The boat was a gift so I can't get something else!
But taking a dip while wearing chest waders, in 40 degree water and dunking all my stuff doesn't sound too good either!!


Try this?
Try this, Make your own out of 4" or 6" pvc pipe. Fill them with foam, cap the ends and attach cross braces to hold them in place.

Try this web site and forum:

They do lots of stuff like build boats, outriggers, trailers and hunt ducks. I think they even had a link on building outriggers.

Hope this helps



$40.00 for pool noodles!
and i will sell you some dihydrogen peroxide to go with them :slight_smile:

Sportspal Canoes
Find a dealer for either of the Sportspal variants, either Meyers/Sportspal or Radisson. They use a foam sponson along the sides of their canoes that will fit your need. They attach the sponson with machine screws thru large fender washers. The foam is black and very durable.


Was showing for example purposes only.

He dropped his price. Used to be $50.

I built these…
easy to do…I use them on a Perception Carolina 14.5 when I’m Open Water Sailing, in addition to outriggers like these: