Foaming My Cockpit - What Kind of Glue?

I was at West Marine today and asked for “marine contact cement”. The stuff the salesperson showed me didn’t seem like the right thing (something he called “5200”). Sounded much more permanent than I want.

It seems like the ideal glue would be something that could be removed if desired.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

DAP Weldwood
For the fiberglass boats we use DAP WEldwood contact cement, available from places like Loew’s Hardware. Also worked for the WW boats, plastic.

contact cement works fine NM

Yup. The original “recipe”.

Thanks everyone! I’m really glad I didn’t buy the other stuff.

5200 is some really serious stuff, I have used it before but I have no experience using it on plastics.

If you can find DAP’s gel version…
…it stays put better than the liquid.

I use 5200 all the time.
As a sealing compound and a bedding compound on my sailboat. Would not use it on a kayak. Oh, and once it cures, it will come off about never.

That’s What He Said
He told me a story of a guy who glued a cleat onto his motorboat with 5200, who later wanted to remove it. Banging on it with a hammer didn’t work, so he hooked it up to a trailer hitch and ended up ripping a dinner plate-sized chunk off his boat. With the cleat still soundly attached.

Foam secure in Kayak
At my rental store I was constantly having the foam floatation blocks “dislodged” from their respective positions. Fore and Aft.

I found that clear silicone sealant does the trick 100% and is, as the kayaks I have are roto-moulded polyethalene, thus non-porouse, the silicone can be easily removed if you want… But if you never bother with it, I have yet to see any foam come lose again, year after year.

Barge Cement
Available at hardware stores.

I used it to glue foam inside my S&G kayak.

It can be removed from the boat without damaging it, though it takes some elbow grease.

If you use it, make sure you follow the directions about glueing both contact sides and letting them tack up for a few minutes before sticking together. And let cure for at least a day before using.