Foil-shaped Rudder

Is there a foil-shaped rudder on the market that is generally accepted as being good to use for retro fitting on a boat that does not have one?

In other words, if you could choose a foil shaped rudder blade to have on your boat, which would you choose? This includes any rudder blade you currently have. If you like, please list the brand.

Patrick makes a very nice foil rudder for retrofit as well as a skeg.

doesn’t Prijon???
cannot remember

Ditto. The P-41 overstern is a thing of beauty-Huki specs them (along with his understern rudders) on their boats.

do the sealine ones still exists?

Current Designs bought the Sealine rudder system. It’s the only rudder I’ve ever used that I actually liked. It’s the only one I’d consider if I needed one.

Prijon does make a foil shaped rudder. Rugged, what’d you expect from Prijon, should put up with abuse just fine. Suggestion, pick up your rudder if your that shallow. Be good to your toys.

See you on the water,


my research showed a lack of options
maybe you could make your own, wood core and/or glassed, and sell them for less than the current market. better yet, draw plans and instructions and sell a kit! : ) (still thinking about that decked townsend sailer…)

No actually this is just messing around for my own personal use and abuse.

Now if I come up with something really good, well that’s a different story! ;-p

Thanks guys …

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The p-41 rudder is designed for rocky portages and quick up - over and in runs while dragging the boat.

Rudder has two modes using same components and nothing extra ....

Deep water: Plenty of blade in the water to 'jerk' the stern of the boat around to set up for bump riding + deep enough to keep things hooked up on steep stuff. Blade kick back adjustable to release even the slightest eel grass, kelp,leaves or body parts.

Shallow water: Blade a little more shallow. With 9:00 being forward rudder will rotate to about 1:30 and still come back down with a little more authority than the deep water mode.

Rake adjustable in both configurations.

Blade can be done with various cores and is strong enough to crack the transom if you wanted to really test it. Average weight is 11 oz.

Currently working with one of the giants on some understern rudder blades. All using naca foils.

Onno rudder
I recently had an opportunity to see this rudder in person. It’s very nice.