Folboat Value and spare parts avail?

A guy near me is selling a tandem folboat folding kayaking with full sail rigging. He bought it used 10 years ago and has not used it since. So its over 10 years old etc. Says its in good shape except its missing the “ring” around the cockpit and its parts for it. He says he built a wooden ring but has NOT gotten the parts to put it together etc.

Anyway…wondering what the value of such a boat would be worth? and also does anyone know the parts he’s talking about thats missing? IF SO…can i get replacement parts in the hardware store OR from folboat.

HEs only asking 150 for all.


IMO, if the fabric is in good shape
it is worth it.I think he’s talking about the cockpit coaming.I sold a non-folding tandem after 20 years for $300.

are some of the easier folders to find around. Not only were a lot sold in the 60’s and 70’s, but they’re still being made today - and in the U.S. - so getting parts shouldn’t be a problem.

They’re not one of the highest value folders as far as resale - not like a Klepper or a Feathercraft. But any folder for 150.00 that has a solid frame and no leaks in the skin should be worth it, especially with a sail rig included (depending on the type and condition, some sail rigs can be worth that much by themselves).

Go to Folbot Forum…
to get an answer from people who know these boats. Folbot owners are a chummy bunch and very willing to help in the advice department. The first thing they will ask is what model of boat?

that helps a lot