Folbot Cooper

I’m considering a Cooper by Flobot. I’m 6 ft 210lbs Would this be a good choice?

Good fit for recreational use
In summary this is a good value recreational boat for a person your size, but it is not up to the rigors of an expedition like a Feathercraft K1. The load capacity and skin durability make it less than optimal for expedition use. By expedition use, I mean trips such as one I am taking this summer when I will be paddling some exposed costal areas of south central Alaska for approximately a month carrying a heavy load.

I own numerous hard shell kayaks and a Feathercraft K1 (folder). I also used to own a Fujita 500 (folder). I researched this boat but haven’t paddled it. In my opinion the Fujita 500, like the Cooper, is not up to the demands of expedition use.

Look at Folbot’s Cooper forum site. Also look at the Yahoo Bagboater forum site and search for past posts on the Cooper. An excellent representative summary review is posted at

In summary, for light loads on protected waters, the Cooper is an excellent value. It is about 1/3 the cost of a Feathercraft K1.

Movable frames and Adjustable Footpegs has a testimonial from a Cooper user who is 6’ 4" and 193 lbs. Based on his report there should be no problem with the boat fitting you.

Thanks Richard
for the info. I have decided to pull the trigger and ordered the Cooper today. The main drawback is the 250 lb payload but I’m more interested in the speed and stability because I hope to take it out on the ocean and Lake Champlain.

Thanks Again.