Folbot - How to Remove White, Scale-Like Substance from Bottom of Boat

I have a vintage Folbot (I think it is a Super). This last winter, my husband put a tarp over the boat. We were surprised this spring when it was uncovered - the bottom of the boat has ‘whitish’ blotches in several locations. I do not know if the white blotches are deposit (hard water) or something else, such as mildew. I do not want to try any cleaner on the canvas unless I know it is safe. Any suggestions from other Folbot owners? I have tried soap and water (doesn’t remove). I can scrape some it off with my finger nail. Thanks to all.

Weird. The material is naugahyde, not canvas if it is original. There are several internet articles in how to clean it. The most common is 10% bleach/ 90% water and a soft brush.

The shell is original … thus the material is naugahyde (thank you for setting me straight). I will try this tomorrow! Thank you again - I’ll let you know if it works.

It seems a bit strange to use bleach on what looks like a bleached spot . It could be a fungus .
The naugahyde website also says dish soap. Dawn will clean almost anything but you might want to put some protectant on if it works. I think 303 would be good.

Spot try white vinegar

Per @PaddleDog52, if it is calcium then vinegar will slowly dissolve it. But I doubt that it is calcium.

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