Folbot - Kodiak vs Yukon

I am getting ready to purchase a Folbot. I am 6-3 with a 36 inseam. I really like the Kodiak but they tell there are legroom issues especially with a rudder and so they point me to the Yukon. It seems a little strange since the Kodiak is 15’ vs the 13’ of the Yukon…something to do with the frame structure. Does anybody who owns one have issues with legroom?

i owned a kodiak and had plenty of leg room. i’m 6ft. i liked the kodiak but, my achilles rested on one of the ribs and was uncomfortable. the aluet has a larger cockpit entrance though it’ds a shorter boat. i see they now have a 16ft “cooper” which looks like a nice folbot. have you looked at it?

Kodiak vs Yukon
The Cooper looks really nice but is too narrow and the capacity is too small.

What is your inseam? Average? I am short waisted (almost half my height is in my legs). Did you have a rudder?

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The Cooper, too small?
It specs out very close to my Feathercraft K-1, which can haul my 6’2", 230lb carcass plus 150 lbs of camping gear. You do need a lot of small bags for loading gear, however, as larger ones can be difficult to get through the rib framework. Not familar with the seating system in the Cooper, but the K-1 has plenty of legroom for me.

Folbot - Kodiak vs Yukon
This weekend I did some more shopping. I tried to get in a Feathercraft K1 and its cockit is way too small for me. If I was not launching from a beach I would likely put my foot thru the fabric floor trying to get in or out.

I am also thinking of possibly the Folbot Edisto. Also looked at Dagger Catayst 12.8 or Blackwater 11.5 as rigid options. They both are rec boats but offer reasonable touring capability.

I would mostly be doing rec stuff but the family does have a cabin in Ontario on a good size lake (about 12 x 5 miles). When it was choppy a friend had problems in his flatwater rigid (he stayed out only for a few minutes).

Did you look at the Airline
models of Feathercraft Sit on Tops? The K1 cockpit is really large and the Feathercraft skin is pretty resistant to stretching. Using proper entry techniques, you will not go through the skin. You may find that the Helios 380, an inflatable from Innova has similar handling characteristics as the Folbots. Lot cheaper and more portable too.

the decision…

I ordered the Edisto yesterday. I got the half (in lieu of the paddle) and full decks. Should have it around the end of September.