Folbot Wooden Frame

I’m getting an old 1950’s Folbot Wooden Frame.

What is the best way to get this kayak (two person) back into use?

Should I cover it with canvas?

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Pre 1990 folbot forum
this is the place to ask about your folbot. You could also do a vinyl skin like Yost works, or nylon skin link todays skin on frames. I have a late 1970s FolBot Super(Tandem) with vinyl skin still in great shape. I have the sail kit with it too.

Hey thanks a bunch. I’m already devouring the forum!

Vinyl is the most UV resistant plastic
for a flexible skin. Don’t SOF builders use a Dacron, i.e., polyester, which resists UV much better than Nylon? Or do they apply a flexible topcoating?

They do use both materials
and canvas as well as nylon. There are a number of SOF skins and treatments. A haplon coating on the nylon is one way to finish a nylon skin, but marine varnish and/or oil base paints can also be used. There are other finishes also. Nylon tends to stretch when wet but this can be mitigated by the finish. My old folbot Super’s vinyl skin is still in good shape. I patch scraps with an all-purpose PVC glue.

There is some good info on the Greenland forum at QajaqUSA on skin on frame (SOF) kayaks and their construction.