I would appreciate views on the Folbot.Their website message board only says wonderful things about them.Never here anything negative.If your familier with the boat I’m thinking of their 12 ft.aluet to order.

Had a couple
Not the greatest folders to paddle. The Aleut is really big and slow. It is a bit unwieldy to pack. Very stable. If you ever have any problems, Folbot takes care of it immediately and at no cost to you.

If you can afford it,
Feathercraft, and Foldingcraft are much better. And of course Klepper, Ally, and Nautriad. And others.

Seat on the Cooper
On the Folbot Forum for the Cooper, lots of posts discuss ways to make the seat more comfortable–which, when discussed by devotees, suggests the seat is pretty uncomfortable.

pros and cons
Pros: price, weight, ease of assembly, amazing customer service (lifetime guarantee)

Cons: less “performance”, so-so spraydeck, some DIY features (keelstrips, seat mods, etc.)

Check out for more reviews.

I am a Folbot paddler. I bought Folbot over Feathercraft and Klepper because the pros outweighed the cons in MY case. Feathercraft and Klepper make great boats; for my money (literally), so does Folbot.