Folders similar to Folbot Edisto

Is there any other < USD $1000 folding or take-apart kayak that functions similarly as Folbot Edisto?

My requirements include:

  1. high rigidity (non-drop stitch inflatables are out and I prefer NOT to use Sea Eagle 473 rl unless I have no other choice);

  2. ability to be used UNDECKED as either single or tandem, and can arrange seat positions with some flexibility;

  3. not too wide, less than 32" beam (30" or less preferred);

  4. at least 12’ long;

  5. has to be foldable or take-apart to fit inside a car;

  6. not too heavy, less than 50 lbs would be nice;

  7. not too deep/tall, as we may be paddling in wind speeds of about 15 mph;

  8. payload capacity should not be too high, less than 350 lbs is ideal, I need to reduce windage;

  9. bottom is not too flat (slightly rounded or v hull be better; as reference, I consider bottom of Sea Eagle 473 rl too flat).

I know there is PakBoats Saranac dual at $1285 new, though I prefer to stay under $1000, closer to $600 used, the better.

Yes, I did ask at but that forum is way too slow; I have had zero response from there.

Thank you!

I think you have to be realistic about your choices. Folders are a shrinking commodity now that Folbot and Feathercraft are defunct and sources in the US are limited.

If you have the patience to constantly check Ebay, Craigslist and the “for sale” listings on sites like and you may eventually find something close to what you want per specs eventually. But expecting a kayak that meets all your standards for “close to $600” is highly improbable. I paid near that 5 years ago for an older used Puffin solo plus another $100 for an new deck and foot brace. I have seen some deals on Ebay (usually estate sales where they have no idea what they are selling) though all of them have been solo kayaks or folding canoes. But even finding those means constant watching and a lot of luck. Cheapest options for tandems tend to be older Folbots or Kleppers but those are rarely as light as you want and can’t be used sans the deck as you want.

You will NOT find something closer to $1000 new than the Saranac, I can guarantee that. I’ve been buying and selling new and used folders for 17 years so I think I have a pretty good understanding of the market. The forum is “slow” because there just are not that many of us out there who prefer this kind of boat.

In fact, the ONLY kayak model that I know of that meets your requirements is the Pakboat Saranac and it is certainly reasonably priced. Since models are frequently going extinct you would be wise to bite the bullet and buy one now before they also become “unobtainium”. Pakboat had some setbacks this year with their warehouse burning down and nobody knows how long Alv will want to continue the business. You could find yourself devoid of options if you procrastinate too long.

At some point you honestly have to ask yourself: is it worth spending months if not years searching, and possibly failing, to find a bargain to save a few hundred bucks when you could have the boat right now that satisfies your long laundry list of requirements??

Thank you willowleaf, I bought a Folbot Edisto :smiley:

I am surprised by how little information is available online about the Folbot Edisto. I found exactly 1 video (assembly instruction from Folbot) and 3-4 users reviews. Was it not sold in large amounts? I would assume many different types of paddlers will like its versatility.

Even my antique Folbot Super TSF 1963 has no less documentation.

I had a Folbot Super built from a kit in 1980. It was great for our young family.

If you are still looking for a folding tandem under $1000, a seller in my area (Pittsburgh PA) just posted a Craigslist ad for what looks like a really nice Feathercraft K=2 for only $850. That is half what they usually go for and far less than the over $5000 original price. Really a great deal. Probably the best performing tandem folder ever made. Can’t use it without the deck but these are great boats – I owned the solo version (K-1) for a couple of years. Only sold it to get another Feathercraft that was a better size for me (Wisper).

It is slightly wider (33") and heavier than your desired specs, but it will perform far better than other models you had considered with a veed performance hull and one of the best rudders in the business.

Thanks. I have a Bostonian friend who may be interested. I will forward this to him.