Foldin Touring Kayak

Im looking for a folding touring kayak. Im about 6’, 135lbs. I paddle on Lake Ontario, with a few outings to the Atlantic every year. I’d rather not spend a small fortune, so used would be fine.

Folding kayak
Check out the Pakboats, they are reasonably priced.

Agree on Pakboats
There is a forum for folding kayaks:

You’ll find some used ones for sale there, though used folding kayaks still tend to be costly as well-cared-for ones hold their value. A perfect model for your size and use would be the Feathercraft Wisper, However, a new one is $4,000 plus. I found mine used for $2,200 but such deals are rare. The new Pakboat Quest 135 is around $1,500 new. They are new to the market so I would not expect to see used ones any time soon. But they are really nice boats for the price.

YOu might find a Pakboat XT-15 used for sale since they have been around a while. We have one of those as well (my boyfriend’s boat). Great tracking kayak and also sea worthy, but might be a little spacious in the cockpit for someone as slender as you.

A used Feathercraft Kahuna might work for you, though these are a bit wider than the Wisper but quite seaworthy. I used to have one and took it out on Lakes Ontario and Michigan as well as in the Coastal Atlantic off New England. You will need to get the strap on skeg for it to use in waves and wind.

Another folder that would be worth looking for would be a Folbot Cooper.

You can also built your own high performance folder using the free directions and patterns at

There is a used Klepper T67 folder for sale at for $700. It’s a touring model for an average sized person. Kleppers are known to be very durable and at 24" beam it should be fast and a good fit for you.

why folding

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Why folding? Is it for lack of storage space? Or because you also want to travel with it?

If lack of space, you may want to read the article on kayaking and small living spaces in Issue #9 - Summer 2012 issue of California Kayaker Magazine. It can be read online for free at It gives the pros and cons of a variety of options.

If for travel, then you also want one that meets your travel needs. Folding boats come in all sorts of shapes, so make sure the one you get meets your needs.

I have a Trak, which I found to be the closest to a lower volume touring kayak in feel. Feathercraft seem to be higher volume, so great for long trips (though they do have multiple models, so they may also have a low volume one or other styles). PakBoat also has many models, so make sure you look for one that meets your paddling goals if you go that direction.


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three travel kayaks, showing a size comparison
A Valley Nordkapp 3 piece glass
A Feathercraft Khatsalano folder
A TRAK T 1600 folder

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Also check out Folbot

I’ve never seen one in the wild but I have read some very favorable reports about them.

You are talking about big water so you need a serious boat. In addition to the suggestions already made, all of which are quite good, I suggest you take a look at Nautiraid and if you can find any on the used market - Long Haul. Nautiraid makes really durable folding kayaks that are reasonably priced.