folding canoe

Has anybody heard of this folding canoe made by TuckTech in Penn.? Does anybody have one? Is it any good?

and a folding kayak?
I just took a look at the tucktech website ( and it appears that they are making a folding KAYAK in 2006. At 9’-8" L X 30" W, it is clearly a beginner rec kayak.

I would love to hear from someone who has seen these boats or knows anything about the company.

Save a little more money and
you could buy what appears to be a much better folding kayak. The puffin 14 is 28 pounds and probably much more paddler friendly. NT gave me a link to these guys.

or for the same money (a little less than $400) you could build your own during these winter months. Sing hooked me up to this link.

Folding Canoes
I know of three other folding canoes -

The people at Pakboats ;

Pouch in Germany ; and Bergens-Ally in Norway all manufacture them.

Alv, at Pakboats, says that his canoes are good whitewater boats, and has posted on his site a small Quicktime video of a tandem on some rapids.


I have a 140 solo that I paddled 120 miles down the Green River in Utah. It was more enjoyable to paddle than an aluminum and faster than a poly canoe. I’d put it performance wise on par with a quality royalex canoe. But it fits into the standard luggage category on commercial airliners.

Nice boat…


Correction: Bergans-Ally in Norway,

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not Bergens. Makes Ally folding canoes as well as all kinds of other big boy toys. Website looks like a total FUN PLACE to get all the FUN STUFF!!!
WOW!!! Really like the kites!

Thanks for posting this one. Passing it on to my son who lives in Norway. He can always use some more toys to go with his mixed gas scuba, racing trimaran, trials bikes, big RC air-ground-water toys, kayaks (yes, I did say kayaks), party very harty girlfriend, ... Humm ... come to think of it, just when does he have time to work?



Better address for Poucher (in Eng)

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Oops! Did I forget something? Suppose some of you are going to get picky and want the actual address huh?!

We used 17 foot Ally-Paks canoes
On a 14 day trip down the Noatak River in the Arctic about six or seven years ago, and they are amazing.

Closed up they fit in a pack with straps that you carry on your back.

It takes about a half an hour or less to assemble one

They consist of a bunch of aluminum tubes and some rubberized canvas, and when I first saw it I figured no way was I going to go down a class II river in it, but after the first day it made a believer out of me.

Ours held two people and a couple of hundred pounds of gear.

Going through a big rapid they actually bend and flex, and really smooth out the ride vs a rigid canoe bobbing through.

They are clumsey and you can’t expect to get any speed out of them, but for a place that you can’t get a hard shell canoe to, they really fit the bill.

They are very expensive since they are such a specialized item .