Folding Canoes

We are looking for a recreational canoe that we can easily take in an RV. Light paddling in slow rivers or possibly class i-ii white water. Any experience with or opinions about a folding canoe?

Get an Ally-Pak.

They are expensive but awesome.

We used them on a fly in river trip on the Noatak River in the ANWR.

When I first saw them I thought they were a joke, but I became a believer real quick.

In their pack, they are about 3’ x 3’ x 1-1/2 '.

and have straps so you use them like a back pack.

They are a combination of canvas, rubberized canvas and aluminum tubing for the ribs and gunnels.

The first time you put one together, it might take a couple of hours, but from then on, it is only about a half an hour

They can hold two people and all the gear and food you need for a couple of weeks.

We went through class I-II, and they actually flex as you go through a big class II.

The canvas is tough, so you can even gently drag it up on rocky beaches.

Hope this helps.

By the way don’t forget the bug spray!



Pak boat
DOn’t forget Pakboat canoe. Made in America by an ex-allypac engineer. A little less expensive than the Ally. Also is better suited to wilderness tripping, thicker padding on the bottom, 40 oz fabric.

Pak boats are great
I have a 140 and love it… It’s as fast as Royalex of the same size, will run anything a Roylex canoe can, but it’s easy to fit on a plane, and very capable. I took mine on a 120 mile trip and it looks good as new.

I can’t wait for my next opportunity!!!


Folding canoe followup
Thanks for the advice. We have also noticed a Russian model at Does anyone know anything about that model?

Go with a Folbot…
I have a Yukon…check out their range…

I love mine…hold a ton of stuff and is so easy to assmeble…and, there’s an option for everybody! I even have the upwind sail rig…

folding canoe/yak
Check out Folbot’s open canoe style kayak the Edisto. If interested go to the forum and ask the folks what they think.

another fan of pakboats
I haven’t tried other kinds of folding boats, but I can certainly recommend a pakboat. I bought a pakboat solo canoe several years ago for similar reasons - something to take on long car trips that aren’t primarily canoe trips. It looks and handles very much like a hard-shell canoe. Although it still takes me about 45 minutes to assemble, the assembly is straight-forward, also it would probably go a bit faster with two people. The adjustable seats that allow for sitting or kneeling are nice.


I found this folding “canoe” that is 35 lbs (including paddles ), can be packed as a backpack and is something like $400

TOTE’N’BOAT is the name

it can carry two people and not much more, but it seemed like the closest thing to a backpacking canoe…

anyone has ever paddle one of these?