Folding Kayak (Folbot)

Does anyone have knowledge of Folbot boats. They have/ had a model called the Cooper. Do they paddle well? Are they a quality fabricated kayak? Are there things to be concerned about in regards to their build?

You’re asking about an old boat by now.
I built a non folding Folbot in 1980. The materials were very good and tough. That boat was still going strong 20 years later.
You should be able to tell very quickly what condition one is in.
I don’t know about folders but I would carefully examine the joints in the frame and the wear points where the frame meets the skin.
Not much help.

Some of the people on this site are very helpful in regard to folding kayaks, I am sure they will provide you excellent feedback, when they see your post… in the meantime you can check out the information on the forum on that site is not currently working but the about folding kayak pages still work and have lot’s of information. is now longer active but there is still some information there. The Cooper was their sportier model. Company is defunct

If there is damage to some component ; is there anywhere to get replacement parts since the manufacturer is no longer in operation?

I have owned 8 folding kayaks, though no Folbots, but I am familiar with them. Folbot was a good quality boat, though they tended to be heavier and wider than some other makers. There are reviews here on for the Cooper if you want some feedback from owners.Cooper Reviews - Folbot | Buyers' Guide | Maintenance is key on folding kayaks. If they are not properly cleaned and stored the materials can degrade.

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