folding kayak for Brazil

Starting to look into getting a kayak to take to Brazil with me. Needs to be portable as we may visit many diferent locations. Would like to hear suggestions for a good boat. I prefer my SOF over any other boat now so I am not looking for an expedition cruiser. Have visited the Feathercraft site but would like suggestions on others. Will most likely buy used.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.


A link Has links to all the manufacturers. Folding Kayak Adventures maintains a used Feathercraft list at

I saw the pics of yout SOF, Maybe you could build a Yost folder. Tom Yost posts on the site. Oh, there I go giving unsolicited advice again :+)

The Atatl may work, but I have 0 experience with one. I have carried Feathercrafts and gear in the backpack for 2-3 miles. A bit uncomfortable but doable.

folding kayaks
Have you thought about making one. Tom Yost posts plans and instructions for making several styles. There is a link to his web site through the Kayak forum on Guillemot’s web sit.

Have fun on your trip.


Check out:
If you don’t want to build one, I bet you can put out a request on to have someone build one for you. From what I am told…they are designed and paddle much like the sof you purchased.




Maybe Hastings will let you try his Yost folder. I think he had the traveling idea too - and I think he’s had a change of heart regarding some of the practicalities. Would be good to have a chat with him on the building and paddling aspects. If you don’t have his address I can get it later at home (or Charlie/Jeff will have it).

Sorry I missed you guys at GE this weekend. Life intrudes again! Maybe next weekend.

Packboat Puffins don’t weigh much.
Also, Innova Solar only weighs 24lbs.

life intruding
thought you had that handled!

May be going to West Palm for the paddlefest this Friday but we will probably do George english again on Saturday. Hope to see you there


Hey Paul,

Where do you plan to paddle in Brazil? I might be going to Fernando de Noronha in December with the wife and kids, that’s paradise.


Actually, I am looking at some property down there and wanted to have a couple of boats for both the lake and the ocean. Who knows? I may just open up a kayak rental shop down there with a friend of mine who already has a windsurfing concession.


Good luck in the new enterprise!


nice kayaks :
- feathercraft whisper

  • feathercraft K1
  • feathercraft kahuna
  • feathercraft khatsalano
  • folbot cooper
  • napali calapsible

    good luck !!! :slight_smile:

much time now in a wisper
dont know if you are still considering a folding kayak but this is a nice one IF you will fit in it…I’m 6’1" 189pounds and think anyone taller would be over the fit limit.

2 weeks ago at sweetwater’s symposium i stuck like glue to Dubside who has modified the rib immediately behind the cockpit…on several rolls i looked ‘pained’, he took me back to shore and promptly removed the rib entirely for our session saying ‘now you have a rolling machine’, the balanced brace, butterfly, shotgun, etc. all came instantly afterward…FC’s advertised weight of 33 pounds for the lightskin is spot on just remember that the backpack adds weight as well as the seasock and any other acce. you might add.

I am definitely looking at the Feathercraft line. The khatsalano looks sweet except for the price tag! It would have to be the main boat for a few years to justify the cost! The wisper is more reasonable (relatively) and it’s shorter length may actually be better as I am not sure of some of the areas that I will be paddling.

Another option is the yost folders that may fit the bill better.