Folding Kayak Forum gone?

The FKF seems to have disappeared and in its place is a message that indicates a “general error”. The forum has never been very active and, in fact, seems to have become almost moribund. Have the folding kayak survivors all migrated to facebook (I haven’t yet joined that tribe)?

one could say it… folded…

sorry, couldn’t resist.


Good one😊!

Yeah, they packed it up and left the virtual town. Yuk, yuk, yuk. :slight_smile:

Actually, I missed some of the discussions and models put out my Tom Yost. Don’t know if he is still around — designing, building and paddling.


Mentioning Tom Yost led me to wondering whether he is still around in the world. Apparently, he still is and offering his designs free. Someday, if I have the urge to build another SOF, I think I would go with Yost folding design instead.

Here you can enjoy his reseach, designs and labor of love, shared freely to all: :slight_smile:


Folding Kayak Forum appears to have awakened from its previously moribund state. It’s back up😊

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