Folding kayak

We’ve been thinking about buying folding kayaks to take on trips where we fly in to our destination. We’ve found that even if kayaks are available for rent in most places, they’re rec boats or in bad shape.

The evident quality of Feathercraft kayaks is impressive and the new Wisper would be a good fit. However, I’ve read a bunch of reviews and the Folbot Cooper seems to have impressed a few folks and, of course, is much cheaper. We could buy two for the price of one Wisper.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Build your own!!

quick, easy, cheap

Pakboat Puffin
Had a little time to mess around with this boat.

Both the 10’ & 12’ versions were fun to paddle, zipped around and were quite manuverable. Alum. bracing and inflatable sides are an interesting approach construction wise. Very comfy seat and also has an option for an adjustable foot rest which was extremely cushy. Whoe thing folds up into a gym bag at 17-22lbs. Heck, get a good 4 piece paddle and stuff that in the bag too. Carry-on luggage.

$850-$900 range.

See you on the water,


A link to a comprehensive comparison

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of a Folbot Cooper and Feathercraft Kahuna
I have not owned a Cooper or Whisper but have owned 4 Folbots and 4 Feathercrafts ( still have 2 Feathercrafts). Both companies have been great. Folbot states a lifetime warranty and stands by it, for original owners. They have sent me replacement parts, free of charge on an Aleut that I purchased 2nd hand. Feathercraft gives a 5 year warranty and they have stuck by it, sending parts by overnight delivery at no charge... once I lost a cockpit rim ( forgot to pack it) and it was replaced free.

I read that review
and that is one of the main reasons I’m leaning toward the Wisper. I am willing to pay more for high quality if it makes a big difference to my enjoyment of the boat. I also find the Cooper a bit long for places I’m probably going to wind up but the other Folbots seem too beamy. Bottom line, Chuck, what’s your opinion: Folbot or Feathercraft? I noted that you still own 2 Feathercraft but no Folbots. BTW, Folbot has a 15% off sale until the end of the month.

I Am Thinking About Feathrcraft Java
One thing that has put me off has been the price increases over the last year, but I still think one is in my near future.

I would pick a Feathercraft if $ were
not a concern, because I have more experience with them and none with a Cooper. The Folbots I owned were 2 older doubles, a Greenlander II and an Aleut. I find the Feathercrafts faster, more comfortable and more portable.

Thank you.
Money is always a concern, but this is money that used to go to pay for cigarettes. My husband and I each have our own account where we put the $$ that used to go toward our cigarettes. It has been many, many years since quitting, but the money is still our reward.

(We also just sold the first strip kayak we ever built and that will go a long way in defraying the cost of a couple new kayaks) :slight_smile:

Since you guys build
maybe build a Yost folder?

We’ve looked at them.
And I looked again using the link that chazmaz sent. I guess we’re comfortable working with wood and fiberglass but unsure if we can make the transition…

What are you giving up?
Light weight and foldability of a folding kayak are attractive features. What about skeg, rudder, thigh braces, hatches, etc.? Can you even put a spray skirt on?

My Khatsalano
Has a skirt, thigh braces,sea sock and hatches. Could take a rudder, do not want one. Also can strap on a skeg.

I would love one
But I have no ability to make nice things. I ademire artisan and people who can make their own boats. Since you have Folding Kayak Adventures in Seattle I would suggest paddling the Whisper and the Khatsalano. I think Fujita NA is near Seattle and their boats are pretty nice too.

We, but especially my husband
really ENJOY building the strippers. I’m the fiberglass queen but not much of a woodworker. :slight_smile:

Come on over to There is a gentleman in Astoria who has a Cooper. I think he would be glad to let you inspect and try it.

Nice website…
I’ve visited recently during my research. Thanks.

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Pretty common question
about folding kayaks. Can be anywhere from a recreational folder to a high performance touring kayak.