Folding Kayak

Anyone have one of these? Any problems?

I currently own a Feathercraft Kahuna
and have owned a Klepper Aerius II. I also own two glass kayaks, a plastic sitontop, and a glass surfing boat. All boats have their advantages/disadvantages. Portability and storage are two of the primary advantages for foldup kayaks. I checked my Kahuna on the airlines this past November and did a trip to the Everglades, after flying from Seattle. No extra charge. Not something one can do anymore with glass take-a-part kayaks. But foldup boats are a bit more “fragile”. I slid over an oyster bar in the “glades” and nearly put a hole in my Kahuna. In a plastic or glass boat, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Its really a matter of your budget and activities and storage requirements. Fortunately, if you choose a foldup boat, there are some great choices out there.

Try an inflatable
Check out Advanced Elments inflatable kayaks. I fish from mine and love it. They are MUCH cheaper than folding kayaks and also a lot easier to set up. I go from car trunk to water in under 15 mins.