Folding kayaks and air travel


In the latest issue of Sea Kayaker there was this review of a folding kayak that seemed very good. However, when you travel by air, can you get insurance for the boat in case it gets lost?

You can get insurance for anything
It’s simply a matter of having an appropriate policy.

Do not rely on the airline’s “insurance” to provide you with any coverage at all. The airline’s policies are written to protect the airline’s interest.

Talk to an insurance agent.

I actually have that boat
and after paying 3K+ for it, you can bet I WOULD be insuring it if travelling by air, especially with the way airlines treat luggage.

Check your homeowners policy
may cover it for loss or non paddling related damage. I have a Khatsalano that, while packed, was dropped about 15 feet onto the tarmac by an incompetent United Airlines baggage handler. ( I saw it happen). The kayak was no worse for wear. I have seen it get loaded on planes in Japan and the handlers treated it like their own.