Folding Kayaks--brand

I know I shouldn’t be asking about this so soon after the purchase of my first kayak–

but I’m dreaming ahead (efficient fantasies!).

Anyone here have experience with folding kayaks?

How about manufacturers Folbot or Feathercraft?


Slower than hardshells
For recreation and light expedition use take a look at the new Folbot Cooper for $1,200. The specs and appearance appear to be very close to the Feathercraft K1 which would cost you about $4,000.

I now own a 2004 K1 folder and previously owned a Fujita 500 EX folder to transport via commercial airlines. It is nice to have the single pack transportability. I primarily paddle a CD Extreme hard shell. The primary downside to most folders is that they are quite a bit more expensive than the hard shells. Secondarily both the Fujita 500 and the K1 take about 20 - 30% more effort to cruise in the range of 4 - 5kts which is my normal cruising pace for the CD Extreme. The Feathercraft Kat only takes 3 – 12% more energy in my target speed range than my CD Extreme. Unfortunately its low volume limits its applicability to expeditions where you don’t need to carry a lot of equipment or water.

"Google "Folding Kayaks and compare
them-try them out at a dealer-ask for more feedback.

Hey Fool…
Richard 295’s paddling efficiency stats may be right, but they do not tell the full story. It’s not fair to compare the K-1 (or the Folbot Cooper) to his CD Extreme. The Extreme’s dimensions make it the faster boat, but the K-1 compares nicely to other boats (folding and non) of similar length and width. If it is a folder you want, the performance penalty of the K-1 is negligible. I am an average paddler at best and I can cruise my K-1 at 3.5 to 4.5 (measured by GPS)knots with no problem. The new Folbot Cooper, a mighty nice looking boat for the $$$, should perform similarly. If I were in the market for a folder I would definitely give it a look. I sure like my K-1, but $4000 is a lot of money.


Owned both
Folbot is a great company that makes rec boats. The Cooper appears to be a much sportier model, but can not attest to seaworthiness or durability. Have a Khats and Kahuna in the family. Love em both.

i’ve had a folbot aleut and kodiak. their great for kicking around on day paddles and very stable, but, i wouldn’t use one on an extended trip because of no hatches and i hate things stuck under my feet. also, i didn’t like the that i couldn’t brace comfortably. they are great if you don’t have storage space for a hardshell. i sold both of my fobots once we got a shop built.

Firstlight kayaks???
Just throwing this out here.

What do any of you think about Firstlightkayaks?

Just curious.

Thanks for the feedback
And thanks to Chris for heads up on another manufacturer (I’m bookmarking as many sites as I can).

I’m mainly interested in having something available if I cannot use the car.

AND, if I’m looking at a long walking trek before I get to the water (I’m thinking through hilly and wooded terrain where 14’ hanging off my shoulder might not be in my best interest).

I’m thinking Amtrak portablility or (crosses fingers) airline trip to Europe.

Which brings up a whole new topic for the other forum–rentals in Europe.

K Light on Ebay

Pretty good deal at $1100. Used to have one. Very portable, seaworthy and easy to assemble. Feathercrafts are much easier to carry then folbots. There is a company in China that makes a small folder called the Atatl. about $800. Have not seen one. Check and Bagboater

for more info.

feathercraft kahuna
have the feathercraft kahuna. awesome first boat for me.

Build one


Folding kayaks
I have a Klepper Aerius 1 and it is a very nice thing to have in the stable. Klepper kayaks are old designs, but they are extremely well made and easier to build and fold than any other. In normal going the Aerius 1 is not a particularly fast boat, but when the wind and the waves kick up it is so seaworthy that while all the fast, long, narrow, sleek boaters are bracing, the Klepper just steals the march on everyone.

I like my hard shell boat better most of the time, but would not give up my Klepper for anything. Everyone needs a folder, they are just a bunch of fun. Others have mentioned Folbot, they have a great website and a forum that is outstanding. Folbot makes the best value in folders and the company offers outstanding customer service. Feathercraft boats are the most modern designs among the folders I have seen and their quality is similar to Klepper. The tradeoff between the two being easy assembly (Klepper) vs. on the water performance (Feathercraft). There are others too, but I can’t comment directly because I haven’t paddled them.

Bottom line, having a folder is a wonderful thing. Highly recommended.



LOL!!–Spousal workshop bait!
Oh lord, this could be dangerous.

Husband has already rigged up my kayak ‘suspend from roof’ storage system (thanks to Ebanista who inspired the current rig and yes Qtrhorse, I still have to take pics and notes to report on our version)…

I can see him looking at this website, snorting “yeah sure”…then he will get that gleam in the eye. “Y’know, I think I know where I can get those materials at a good price…”

I need to learn how to build this. But probably not for awhile. Then again…

I bet I know where we could get the materials, and we’ve got the workspace…[eyes gleaming]

FirstLight Kayaks
You should look at FirstLight Kayaks

I have a Folbot Yukon…
and love it! I wanted something I could camp with and recently returned from a solo week in Voyageur’s N.P…it holds a ton of stuff! I wanted something I could sail upwind so have the sail rig (which I hope to try out this week-end). I find fishing from the Yukon easy. Their customer service is first rate…they are great to deal with…