Folding kayaks or 3 piece??

Dear Folks:

I am relatively new to kayaking but want to purchase a top of the line sea kayak that I will not outgrow as my skill level improves. I don’t have much room for storage and was thinking of a folding kayak (maybe a Wisper by Feathercraft) or a 3 piece (haven’t seen much info on these). Does a Romany come in a 3 piece. How easy are they to assemble/disassemble? What are the pros and cons?

Thanks to everyone in advance.


do you have a ceiling in the house?
not to sound silly but to me all kayaks are art, even a pungo or keowee, honestly cant think of a better way to have art in a room that’s also functional.

That said I’ve got a couple of Feathercrafts…awesome boats and my Wisper is THE boat if I could only have one because it can do so many things. Back to augmenting the living room, I suppose a 3 piece NDK would look good too, maybe could even put a glass top on the middle section and have a coffee table.

If you are flying it would seem that a 3 piece would quickly get you beyond the number of pieces of allowed checked baggage. We’re flying two Feathercrafts to Montana in 6 weeks and one FC will be one checked bag for each of us…would hate to deal with 4 or 5 checked bags unless I was truly going on an expedition.

Go to the folding kayak forum on the net, many answers there along with a search of

Good luck with your decision.


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Searching Pnet Archives for "folding kayak" under Subject yielded so many threads I could not post them all.

Good luck, mate, in your search.