Folding kayaks

How does Folbot compare (cost, quality, etc.) to others like Nautiraid, Klepper, etc.?

More specifically the Foldbot Yukon EXP ($1417) or Kodiak EXP ($1507) with a Nautiraid 460 Expedition ($1950).

Do you get what you pay for?

Can’t answer for Klepper or Nautiraid
but Folbots are more rec boat. The Yukon is a short, fat little boat. The Kodiak is a little longer and faster but is still a rec boat. Folbot are prone to flooding because of extremely large cockpits and nylon spray decks. They have a new model out called the Cooper. Here is a link to a side by side review of the Cooper and a Feathercraft Kahuna. The author finds the Kahuna hard to assemble. I assemble the Kahuna in 20 minutes bag to water.

Folding kayaks
Folbot makes a great product for the money. Their customer service is outstanding and the people who own them are generally more than pleased. Nautiraid is generally considered a better, more sophisticated product. I have a Klepper and have to say that the Nautiraid boats I have seen are similar to Klepper and that means top notch. Seda is the importer and they have a good reputation AFAIK. I found the Nautiraid to be somewhat more involved to assemble than my Klepper, but once in the water they are quite similar. Folbot boats assemble almost as easily as Klepper and work very well in the water.

You can get more info at Folbot’s web site. They have a very good forum. You might also visit Sea Kayaker Magazine’s website and see if you can find reviews of the boats you are interested in.



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go to the Folbot web site
log on the folbot family user's forum and ask the folks who know they will give the right advise on any of the boats you seek

do you get what you pay for????
life time warranty and excellent customer service

rec boat maybe, slow maybe it's what you what out of their product. travel yes, cost yep and more ask the folks

Folbot does stand behind their
products. No doubt. So does Feathercraft. If you are even thinking of travelling with the kayak, then Feathercraft is the way to go. The backpack system is awesome and your boat and gear fit in one pack. But there are alot more folders available now too. Check back on the folding kayak forums. Folbot’s discussions are pretty limitted to Folbot.

I’ve got a Folbot, the Edisto
and it is a fascinating thing, one minute a large suitcase, 15minutes later a canoe or a kayak- not touting the Edisto but few boats can be both canoe and kayak. I’ve always had hardshells-still do and still paddle them of course. The new Folbot, the Cooper will change the way many see boats-in-bags, and the obvious (and only merit for me personally of Folbots or any other folder) is the fact that you can fly a boat to a destination and not be bound by rentals. Here in the states we have driven our yaks to Canada, to the Keys, last week to New Jersey,Delaware, and the Eastern Shore (Assateuge)…When/if given the chance of paddling a hard shell versus a softshell I would choose the hard shell first.

the decision…

I ordered the Edisto yesterday. I got the half (in lieu of the paddle) and full decks. Should have it around the end of September.

Just saw this…
I’ve a Yukon that I love…I wanted something I could fish from, sail and, most importantly, fill with camping gear…I spent a week on a solo trip in Voyager’s last spring…ran into some very rough weather and never had a problem…the Yukon is more stable than my Ospry Old Town canoe…I would recommend purchasing the spray skirt and, unless you plan to pack it up, the cover…mine lives on a trailer all summer…Folbot has great customer service and the forum folks are very knowledgable and helpful…many of them are at the Rideau Canal now…I really hoped to make that trip but couldn’t pull the $$$ together…let us know how you like the Edisto! and congrats on joining the Folbot Family!