folding kayaks

Anyone have any comments good or bad about folding kayaks? We only kayak in slow moving water. We have a space issue for storage. I have been in an inflatable not interested. don’t even want to talk about them.

Have 3
a Khatsalano and a Kahuna by Feathercraft and an old Klepper I am restoring. Have had a few Folbots and a couple other Feathercrafts. Feel free to look through my pics

Pak Boats
Rigid tubular frame by Easton and semi-inflated walls. Interesting, comfy with the extra foot rest. Try the Puffin 10’ and 12’. Those seemed to be the most fun when I paddled them. Fits in a gym bag. Get a 4 piece paddle and stick it in the same bag = Airline Carry-on.

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Thumbs up.


I’ve had four

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of them total, currently have two, a Pouch single and a Pouch tandem. I really like them and have no desire to acquire a hardshell boat. Storage and transportation are two issues that kept me off the water for too long, and folding kayaks have solved those problems. Some photos are on display here:

P.S. I'm not trying to compete with Chuck via subject-line. Just noticed that when looking at the thread. Oops. C.