folding kayaks

I am a beginner who has rented sit ins & sit on tops.I am limited on space. Would like input on "foldlite & Bic . I live in Houston metro area which offers lakes, rivers and gulf water.

When you look at the product review for foldlite, it almost sounds like a company man posted the review

I am 5’10 and 215 pounds


Check out for everything you need to know about folding kayaks.

Bics have decent reviews. Foldlite is a brand new product, not sure that there are many reviews out there yet.

Also check out Folbots and Atlyaks. Folbots are US-made and have a tradition of building good affordable folding kayaks. Atlyak is a Chinese newcomer that is built more along the lines of traditional folders than either Bic or Foldlite.

I paddle a polish-made Wayland Harpoon. It has a construction similar to that of Klepper Aerius, with wooden frame and hypalon hull. While more expensive than either Bic or Foldlite, it is still very reasonably priced for a quality wood-frame folder.

Ditto, also for an active group of helpful Folboters. I saw a Nautiraid Greenlander on this site’s classifieds, but I don’t think it would be suitable for any but wide rivers, but would probably be suitable for lakes and the Gulf.

For me the downside of the traditional folder is that assembly time pretty much balks me for afternoon paddles, but I’ve currently got a couple of heavy, wood-framed German folders. They’re great boats, but I need all day in them to offset 30-45 minute assembly/rigging time.

The plus is that I don’t have to monkey around with roof-racks or dedicated storage. Paddling an expensive Nigel Foster kayak after spending a couple of seasons paddling folders, I felt like I was sitting in a cleaned-out bait tank, as opposed to the organic, my-boat’s-a-part-of-me feeling I get from my E68. Even the behemoth RZ96 tandem feels better than a hardshell, although one doesn’t feel as much a part of that boat.

I’m guessing there may be owners of Folbots or other folders in your area, see if you can demo one of the local’s.

Dunno anything about either Foldlite or Bic, except Bik’s bikini girl model looks pretty bouyant without the benefit of a pfd. Har. Dumn joke.


Not sure, but I think
Silicone sinks. I know saline is denser than water, so her odds may not be so good . . . .

Also check out pakboats.

I have a Bic Yakka 80.

It’s a fun little boat, as is it’s big sister, the Bic Yakka 120. But neither is a serious kayak to log miles and stay dry… both are more for fun in the sun and basking and gentle paddles. You will also get wet as they have a break in the middle and let in some water before the self-bailer works.

Best is a folder, or if trying to keep expenses down, a Pakboat. I heard the Swift–I think that is it–is a good model to consider.


Diving flaps?