Folding Kayaks

Can someone provide me a suggested list of vendors who sell folding SOT tandem kayaks? This would be used for lakes and other quiet waters (no rapids, seas).




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makes a a few folding/inflatable hybrid SOTs. I know of no other major manufacturers. There is a pretty limited call for SOTs in the folding market.

What are your expectations? If you are not looking for 5 mph touring speeds, there are many quality inflatables that qualify as SOTs. While none of them will let you hang with the QCC crowd, some of them are not that slow. I am partial to the Innova boats. The newer Sevylors and Advanced Elements also look reasonable.

Good reponse…
Jt. gave the perfect advice.

I also will second Innova boats.

Also, take a look at – quality inflatables from New Zealand.