Folding kayaks


I live in North West England, i’m thinking about getting a folding kayak for sea touring the makes which appear to be good value, folbot "cooper,pakboat XT.the problem is that they dont have uk dealers. Anyone in the uk or Ireland have one of these makes that I could see before I buy ?.There is also Wayland from Poland which seems interesting.

I know some UK folks hang out there.

second that suggestion
Yes, go to the forums on There are separate sections for each maker and if you check out some of the topic threads you will see quite a few users from the UK – member ID’s include location and usually a list of the boat models they own. Postings are not as frequent as on Pnet so it might be quicker to enroll (it’s free) and then send inquiries through the individual emails if you don’t get a prompt response posting a question similar to what you have asked here.

3rd on FKO
There are a few users on there from England as well and folbot will ship trans ocean

ps on Wayland
The company seems to have delivery issues, especially to the US. There is a long thread on FKO about it