Folding paddle clips ?

Does anyone know who sells foldaway or folding paddle clips ?

Would this work, rickers?

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Clip to shock cords or side deck line, and then easily clip paddle in it when not wanting to hold the paddle. Clip stays in open position (unlike most caribiners that are spring loaded to close) if you desire that too. I have one of these and like it. Just a thought.

Try ebay, Kayak fold away paddle clips Item number: 7228228397. They sell for about $10 plus shipping. I have never used them, so I can’t tell you how well they work or not.

Thank you so much !
I tried a few web searches with google and all That came up was someone selling an O.K. scrambler that had folding clips on it. I thought of velcro straps and bungies paddle park systems and I still really dont know what I want yet. I was thinking I wanted the folding ones but just couldn’t seem to find them. They will be going on my new Cobra Marauder that I paddled for the second time today on the Lower Flathead River. Thanks again.

No problemmo, rickers.
Glad that Paddle Caribiner works for you.

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