Folding portable toilet?

It may seem indiscrete but has anyone found a folding portable toilet suitable for taking on a kayak camping trip? My wife absolutely refuses to “squat over a cat hole”. I did locate Jimmy’s Thunderbox but the price seems a little high. I am not sure it is worth $150+ to take a dump in the woods :slight_smile:

boom box toilet


I am afraid that decision about the eighty bucks or a hundred and fifty versus your wife’s presence is one only you can answer.

Take a look
Whaddaya think those extra holes in yer kayak’s for?

Look at this:

How do you leave the seat up?
His wife might not feel at home unless he can leave the seat up for her . . . .


Oh man, looking at these contraptions
I would rather pee outside. But, these may seem ideal to her. Each to his own. I had a thought though…

Is her issue with knees, weight and the whole squatting thing? Sometimes, as women get out of shape or gain weight it can be uncomfortable squatting or they cannot get up as easy. If it is, could you talk her into a cat hole strategically placed with somewhere to rest her weight or hold onto a branch or something?

Ask her why she does not want to, and maybe I can give you some ideas so you don’t have to haul a potty aroud. ; )

Campmor has a “Portable Commode” for $11.99. Buy some WAG bags from same source and bring a waterproof container, and you’ll be environmentally friendly as well.

or you could build a biffy
if you are base camping…out of logs arranged in a box with a seat on top…

seen many backwoods arrangements. But make your own…some of the ones I have used have been years old and not too steady.

No weight problem
she just doesn’t want to squat with all the creepy crawlies, etc.

A folding toilet seat has no bearing on whether there are creepy-crawlies scurrying about. Her posterior is hovering above them no matter what.

Er, wait. Maybe you shouldn’t bring that nugget of info to her attention.


Well, you could tell her
I have been using the outdoor facilities for about 34 years and nothing has ever attacked my bottom! Well, yes mosquitoes but that is about it. ; )

why not
just put a toylet seat on a couple logs with a cat hole below

Nah…lap belt.

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Attach a lap belt to a toilet seat. She can strap it on, hover where she likes but still experience the gentle satisfying comfort of a seat kissing her bum.


it is only three tanks of gas, isn’t it?


Looking at Campmor last night
Another route would be the portable restroom contraption available for women. Kind of unsanitary if you ask me, but another option for your wife.

Or the definitive guide to
environmentally sound methods for forest ecosystem excretion techniques might be in order!