Follow up- mechanical moron

A few months ago I asked advice as to whether a mechanical moron could build a kayak. I DID.

Many of you were very encouraging both on and off-line.

I built an Aleutian baidarka SOF at a workshop with Superior Kayaks and Mark Rogers in Whitelaw Wisconsin. It took eight days.

I still need to add two more coats of paint and the deck lines and Mark will send me a sea sock.

Mark is a demanding task master and wants every boat that leaves his shop to be perfect. He did most of the technical procedures such as bending the wood.

The boat is 17’9" with a 21" beam and a very long waterline. I selected a nylon skin.

Mark also educated us in Greenland and Inuit culture.

Mark’s wife Celeste is a gem and served us lunch and encouragement every day.

This was an outstanding experience for me and it was an honor to work with Mark; a master builder.

I highly recommend this workshop; even if you have no prior skills. The workshop was enlightening and it was very gratifying to see a kayak take form.

Looks great Bruce!
I’m glad you enjoyed your time up there. The SOF looks great and I’m sure will look even better once you’re completely finished. Can’t wait to hear more about your experience.


Well done, Bruce!
You look good in an apron.

Very cool…
Interested to know how you like it on the water :slight_smile:

Looks Great!
Bruce…Just curious, how much does it weigh?


Jen- I hadn’t thought to weigh it

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until you asked. It is 37 lbs.

Thanks all for the nice words.

Ryan- we'll have to plan a paddle soon.

Yanoer- thats not an apron; it is a macho tool belt. I had a hammer and knife attached most of the time.

jra- I'm about a month away from being on the water. The coats of paint take a lot of time to completely cure.

Sweet, bruce!
I have to say, that is one sweet Baidarka. You sent me the funniest email when you were up there in Wisc for this little build; I read it four or five times. You sure have a dry wit. You ought to write a Dave Barry type book. Anyhow, I have been super busy and with going back and forth to CHicagoland and son here, I have paddled something like twice all summer–took a friend out on the Fox a month ago–but have logged more biking miles than I have in years (that is not to say I have biked much miles, just frequently).

<br />
That said, the summer is in the dog days, and we have to plan a get together with Mrs Bruce and CD2 very soonn

Now, back to this nylon coated thirty+ lb gem–where will you paddle it? Can I hold your camera while it pitches you into the drink like a teeting longshoreman. My Cuda is a capsizing log of a kayak–I assuem this 21 inch Baidarka is similarly playful. One differnce though–you have to shoehorn yourself in and out of that wooden SOF. That ought to make for some eventful wet exits.

You rock, brother Bruce. Your friend always, CD1

Very cool! (nm)

Thanks dsetzer for the nice words
CD- we need to kayak together soon. It’s driving me nuts waiting for the first coat of paint to cure and I still need two more. It will be on the water in September. The deck lines look pretty complex (at my skill level) but this will be one sweet and fast yak.

I miss your company and we need to paddle. You need to paddle and I’ll be there.

Ain’t gonna happen…
…Superior Baidarkas are very much like Nordkapps…very loose in the middle, with ridiculous secondary stability.

Ridiculous meaning…
…very strong.

If the oil bubbles appear…
…push 'em back into the weave and wait. It’s worth having an 8-10 year skin vs a 2-3 year one.

Thanks Blackboat- you seem very
knowledgeable about Superior. Mark Rogers told me the same thing about the oil bubbling. I will be very patient with the curing.

Do you really think the baidarka is that similar to the Nordkapp? Visually, the Nordkapp seems to have much more rocker and the baidarka may have a longer waterline.

At the workshop, a college student was building a West Greenland yak. That boat seemed more similar to the Nordkapp to me.

Similar in stability…
…that’s about it.

Thanks bruce.
Let’s paddle for certain in September… I know you have a big trip upcoming before Sept–have fun! Get pics.

I am wonderfing if you will paddle the SOF when we meet. Could do Busse. Or if you want a long sojourn, the upper FOx River by Elgin. WOuld be nice to get some rain into the water to plump it up a bit; the Fox is running low. CD1