Followup on boat search

To willowleaf , kayamedic and others who were so generous with their help and suggestions…

While I’m still waiting for my dream boat, I bought a Penobscot 16 that I found in great shape. It gets me on the waters so I can get some strokes back and explore local waters, which should help me if I find a really nice solo boat later.

This made some sense to me in the short term, because I can get my son out with me, take him fishing, but have something to play around with by myself. At 60, I can handle the weight, though a lighter boat certainly would be easier, and more fun to paddle. For now I’ve done some solo rigging. See pic.

I just wanted to say that I appreciated all the help on the forum. It’s nice how helpful and friendly some people have been.


Looks like you made a sofa!

everything but the mini fridge, for now!

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I have a 24 year old Penobscot 16. My family calls it “ol penny” ; a lot of memories, and miles. It’s a great boat.

I bought one back in 1985 and sold it after a while. As far as a royalex tandem boat, to occassionally paddle solo, I think it’s pretty good. Beats sitting on the couch. I find paddling canadian style, leaning over on one side and using a strong c stroke, it tracks pretty good and is fairly pleasureable.