Fontana Lake NC

I am trying to plan a 3-4 day trip to this area. Planning on staying in the National Park. Need any and all info you can supply. Do I need permits to camp? Where are good safe put-ins (places I can leave a vehicle)? Outfitters? Thanks

Fontana has been down a good deal
because of the drought. You could consider Cheoah or Calderwood lakes, which usually stay up near pool.

You do need permits to camp in the Park. There is a marina on the south shore of Fontana, roughly north of Fontana Village, that serves many of the boaters who cross the lake to the Park. Someone more knowledgeable will have to give you more information, and there may be some on the Park website if you poke around thoroughly. I also encourage you to use Terraserver or another map service to scope out Cheoah and Calderwood. You would not need permits to camp on those lakes.

Your trip
I have the data and could email it.

fontana lake trip
try the search feature. you’ll find a trip recommendation i made to another pnetter. fontana is down this year from the persistent drought, but is still quite lovely and a great paddling opportunity. -harry

I go to this area 3 times each year. There is a great campground about 1 mile past the bridge over Fontana off of Hwy 28 called Turkey Creek in Almond, NC The owners are Mike and Ramelle Smith and you can contact her at this address She used to work for NOC and Fontana Village for years and has the 411 on most things to do and how to do them in this area. These are the camp hosts with the most!

Good Luck