Fontana Lake, TN

Taking a trip to Fontana Lake and plan on camping in the National Park. On the National Park map it shows back country camp sites and some are boat only. There are also a handful that appear close to the water.

Looking for information on how close to the water those camp sites might be. Specifically on camp sites 90, 86, 81, 77, 76. Any assistance would be great.

They are farther from the water than
usual because the SE drought has Fontana down a good bit. Is hiking into the Park an essential part of your plans? Otherwise, consider Calderwood which is two lakes down, almost always near full pool, and has trail access to Slickrock Creek and the Slickrock Wilderness. No permits, no hassle, just embark at the campground NE of route 129.

wilderness camp
Sorry, it has been a few years, but the camp we stayed at was a direct paddle North across the lake. It was a backpacker wilderness camp and right on the waters edge. Very nice. I’ll try to remember which one it was and get back.


Call the Great Smokey Mtn. Nat’l
Park; they can tell you.Also Fontana Village I’m sure has someone who can give you some current info.

Thanks for the info
had a great trip, paddled on a lake of glass for two days and got hammered by the wind on the third.

Good! I’ve been hammered
every time I’ve been there.