Food - Apple Chips

Back in my mountain climbing days, apple chips were a great source of energy. And very tasty.

I’ll bet they’d be an excellent food for canoeing. Anyone got any apple chip recipes?

Peel apple. Cut apple. Dry apple. Eat apple.


No, but
…not too hard to come up with ideas. Substitute apple chips for banana chips if the other flavors are compatible. Put them in your oatmeal with some cinnamon and honey. Maybe rehydrate them at camp and make “apple pie pudding” using crushed graham cracker crumbs, raisins or dried cranberries, walnuts, and snack pudding cups. Put them inside peanut butter sandwiches.

Buffalo chips are making a comeback.

strawberries are better
dried strawberries are fantastic, Rehydrated in almond milk with cereal or mixed in pancakes or vanilla pudding they smell and taste like fresh.

By the way, instant pudding is a huge hit while camping. Chill boxed shelf-stabilized milk in a mesh bag anchored in cool water, then pour into a plastic container with snug lid along with a package of Jello instant pudding and shake vigorously for 2 minutes. Try butterscotch or vanilla with banana chips mixed in or chocolate with a dash of amaretto or almond extract.

Another great product for camping is “Butter buds”, which is dehydrated, defatted butter solids that comes in paper packets ( like coffee creamer powder). Added to anything like eggs, pancake batter, instant mashed potatoes, noodles, rice, even soups, it adds rich flavor

Lemon juice
Slice your apples thin and wash them in a bowl of lemon juice. Put some cinnamon and sugar on a plate and flip the apple slice in that. Put on the dehydrator and dry.

The lemon juice will keep the apple from browning and hold the coating. The coating will be pretty thin after the first 3-4 slices with lemon juice go in it, which is OK for me because I am not looking for candy.

Great by themselves or in oatmeal.

instant pudding…
…there’s an instant cheesecake mix that’s not bad either - especially if you can scrounge up some berries to top it off with.

It may not look good in the cupboard but it’s a different story in the backcountry!

The Gods prefer Blueberries !

garlic chips are good

yummy yummy! NM


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Dehydrated dill pickle chips are quite good too. Really. Don't try to chew them, just let one or two chips slowly rehydrate in your mouth. The slow saltiness released is a welcome change from candied snacks.

I also dehydrate apple slices, by the tens of pounds. My technique is a little different.... I slice them into a bowl and sprinkle just a little lemon juice on them enough to barely wet individual slices, along with a good helping of brown sugar and as much cinnamon as you like. They will ooze their own juice in the bowl, so place them quickly on the dehydrator trays.

Sliced bananas get a lemon and pineapple juice treatment before dehydrating. Gives a good contrast.

Cinnamon sugar
I use a similar process, but instead of placing the cinnamon and sugar on a plate, I put the mixture in a shaker and just sprinkle it on after placing the apples on the dehydrator tray. Another hint for uniform slices is to use small apples, peeled and cored, and then cut them with an egg slicer.

And yes, it is yummy!