food guide for paddling/camping trips

Nutritional evening meal? Try this…
Roasted hickory nuts as an appetizer. Berries and other fruits for snacking. Cattail tuber shoots cooked w/ sea purselane & butterfly peas for carbs & veggies. Woodsorrel, spanish bayonet flowers, and watercress with raw swamp cabbage for a salad. Crab and/or crawdad boiled in native herbs & seasonings; fish coated w/ seasonings roasted over an open fire for a main dish. Wild fruits and flowers for dessert.

All this food can be had for free if you know how and where to look. Learn it… it may save your (and maybe someone else’s) life.

you spelled OR wrong
Its spelled OR, not OT

Now that’s “Reality eatin”

Paddlin’ on


Bring him to the Wild Horse Saloon or
Bunny Ranch during a trip down the Truckee or Carson. They teach him ( maybe not to spell) correctly.


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are a good source of vitamin B1 or Thiamine.

it has a positive effect on energy, growth and normal appetite, and learning capacity...

a lack of thiamine (mostly in developing countries) can cause fatigue among other disorders..

remember a good multi vitamin if all you plan to eat is peanut butter and canned soup. ;)

Edit: this is a good topic... lets see if we can get a camping food list going..

--dehydrated black beans from the health food stores.. for burritos..

--dehydrated tomatoes, peppers, etc, and whole wheat pasta…

--oatmeal for breakfast.. with dried fruit..

(I like broccoli and spinach but wouldn’t take that camping in a kayak)

anything else?

home made oatmeal with nuts and seeds and dried fruit and maple syrup for breakfast.

yogurt roll ups and gorp(my own mix) and Balance Bar and beef jerky (homemade) for lunch

Dinner can be a variety of stuff…Lipton Sidekicks teryaki noodle with shrimp (in pouch) and hamburg stroganoff for next weeks trip.

All is dehydrated. No cooler.

Here’s a food idea
Eet shett nd dy!

(Ennybutty ken fak bad spelin.)

Oatmeal too!!
non-refined, whole carbs, fill you up right!! SPAM is good source of protein.

I just meant I eat PB sandwitch and soup BEFORE the trip so I dont get hungry when I arrive at the launch site. trust me, I’ve seen a nutritionist twice because I used to eat like all TV dinners and totinoes pizza and I got shaky real soon after eating them even though I ate more calories than I burned, and gained like a few pounds, which I’ve lost. It was just a small amount of gain, like 5 pounds. So this info comes from an expert nutritionist.


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The problem with poor spelling and grammar is that they take away from the message.

People often need to re-read your writing several times to figure out what you are saying. It can also cause threads like this to go off on a tangent if the original post is poorly spelled or written.

If the OP took the time to check his spelling and grammar, then this thread would have stayed on track.

well thats helpful
as is the hint to eat well before the trip and then not during the trip?

At that rate three weeks later…I bet I would be tired and hongry

I dont think we have any serious trippers here now…oh yeah they are tripping.

Hey P-140…
Just how much weight you totin’ with all that food (and water) you’re hauling and how long are you out in any wilderness?

Why carry all that weight (especially if you’re out paddling/camping for a week or more) when you can learn to forage and leave over 95% of that poundage at home? Learn to forage and you’ll be waaay ahead in not only feeding yourself but also become a better cook because you’ll learn how to use native spices and herbs to make your own seasonings and condiments.

That’s a lot of food for 4 hours…

I thought your longest paddle was 4 hours, from one of your other threads that has since been deleted. (by you)

You’re a serious eater!! A man after my own heart!! :-0

I havent done any overnighters,
but I know what to bring if I was to. Trust me, this stuff I tell you guys comes from a nutritionist.

if it really comes for a nutritionist
why did it leave out the most important food group—Snickers Bars?

alphabet soup

I have noticed…
That every person who tells me I should just eat PB&J sandwiches when I am canoe tripping instead of cooking real food and taking a variety of other things is ALWAYS someone who has never been canoe camping.

I know you started out talking about several typesof food and such, but over the years I have had several people tout how I could do without all the more elaborate food and need for cooking on multi day trips, and it is always someone who has never done a multi day trip telling me that.

Sorry, just a personal gripe.