food storage for extended trip

Hi everybody,

I am wondering what is the best method of storing food for an extended trip. In the past we have used the ‘Seal-a-Meal’ for airtight sealing of individual meals. This worked great, but I am wondering about the vacuum sealers they have nowadays. I’d like to be able to individually package bulk falafel mix, TVP, and other bulk freeze-dried foods. Does anyone have recommendations or ideas about this?



We have a Tillia vacumn seal and I love it. The bags are expensive though. I seal everything for an outdoor trip including seperate meals, the first aid kit, my daily meds (I am a renal tx survivor), and on the Lower Missinaibi River a final change of clothes for the train trip out.

I garden extensively and also use it to freeze produce for winter. It’s a good thing…:slight_smile:

i use
I used the Tillia and put then in a five gallon watertight bucket on my recent 6- month paddle trip. Works great. I still have some sealed food left over that i sealed last feb!

We use a plastic barrel for the food. The food such as you memtioned is sealed in baggies or bigger zip lock baggies using an iron with towel around both sides until the baggie melts shut. Doesn’t take very long. Never had a problem.

Tillia !!!
They are great! Get one of the higher models that: Have auto vac and seal override so you can suck extra air out of items that need it. Have heat setting so you can adjust the sealing temp. You will need this if you do a lot of sealing at once.

They are also great for around the house. Ours gets used a lot!

Happy Paddl’n!