I have just seen in the grocery store that they have tuna that is seasoned on a pouch that I am going to try with rice. The also have salmon in this same type of pack that could be carried easily and am going to try it with rice. I dont buy those prepared meals that come in foil or plastic containers. They are expensive and have modifiers that are not good for you.

If you try this type of stuff out or have suggestions please lettuce no.

I’ve used the chicken
in a pouch. Together with dry sausage, and dried celery, onion, and green pepper, I made gumbo for 7 on a canoe trip. Came out great.

Lemon tuna with a Thai noodle soup is an excellent lunch. I love to bring the tuna packs along. I often just eat a whole pack with crackers at lunch. Occasionally, I’m able to find mayo pack and pickle relish packs, and I’ll make tuna salad.

I’ve not had good luck with oysters, crab, or other seafoods in foil packs. They just didn’t taste right to me.

Lipton dinners are always good for dinner and red beans and rice mixed with these packs. A popular one among my nieces is Mac & Cheese and a pack of ham in the foil packs. Very salty, but it tastes good at the end of the day.

I often also pack in cheesecake with cherries is a foil pack for the topping.

instant cooking lifestyles
With the current “30 minute meals” and the instant cooking lifestyle there are plenty of packaged food choices that are transferable to camping.

I noticed at WalMart over the weekend Knorr has a new line of quick cook packaged meals (somewhat like the Lipton brand).

I also take Amour Dried beef to spice up my meals. Nothing like chipped beef and bannock.

Also check out Goya Brand chorizo sausage at the Mexican markets. They have a precooked vacuum sealed sausage that need no refrigeration

Tuna ?
I am afraid to eat this stuff anymore because of the toxics. I now use boneless and skinless sardines as a tuna substitute. They taste pretty much the same as tuna without all the mercury and pcb contamination.

I think that Knorr bought Lipton. I heard that they were going to phase out the Lipton name.

Why do you think the sardines are any different than the tuna in that respect?

Tuna packs
Yes, we used the foil packed tuna on a trip last year. Good stuff.

the foil packs well after using.

Otherwise the odor of the garbage bag will bowl you over.

Tuna has 24 x the mercury of sardines
I’m speaking of canned light tuna. White Albacore is even worse. Here’s a reference source for you:

Tuna is much higher on the food chain.
mercury bioaccumlates - that is, the rate at which it is taken in is higher than the rate at which it is excreted. The higher you go up the food chain, the more it bioaccumulates. Very shortlived Plankton get exposed to mercury from shore outfalls, and accumulate a low concentration. Slightly longer-lived shrimp and krill which require a low biomass intake to survive eat the plankton and bioaccumulate a slightly higher mercury level. Significantly longer lived sardines that require a higher biomass intake to survive eat the shrimp and bioaccumulate an even higher level. Much longerlived tuna that require a lot larger biomass intake eat the sardines and acquire a much higher mercury level.

No matter how many time this topic

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is repeated, I never grow tired of it. FOOD! I love planning what I am going to eat on a camping trip.

Yeah, I use the tuna retort pouches occasionally. I really prefer Starkist canned yellowfin in olive oil best though. I bring along some jarred skinless roasted red peppers (repackaged), a lemon, and some capers, mix the lemon, capers, and tuna together, stuff it in the peppers, and I have a dish I first had at a tapas bar in Barcelona.

The Lipton sides are a great staple

Now that I am a married man going on cub scout campouts where it seems we have to bring everything under the sun, including s'mores, and the cabin tent to keep everyone happy, I love to reminisce about my minimalist camping list for a saturday night solo getaway when I was in college and afterwards:

Cheap Texsport 2man bivvy tent
Cheap thermarest ripoff
Igloo mummy bag
Water bottle
Disposable cigarette lighter
Uco candle lantern
Esbit stove and fuel
Can of Beenie Weenies
Lances Cheeseonwheat Cracker snack pack (sometimes if I were in a salty mood I'd go for the Captain's wafers)
A couple of nutragrain bars
A Flask of spirits.

I could fit it all in, or tied onto, a daypack I used for books on campus. And I had one outfit worn all weekend - usually hiking boots, jeans, a t-shirt, and a fleece jacket.

And of course there was always a book and a walkman.

lots of low Hg tunas on the market now

pcbs and mercury in fish

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My wife and I are being more carefull about what we eat. I found a bunch of sites containing study results and lists of fish that are worse than others. One such site claimed that farm raised salmon has the highest pcb content of all food protien in the U.S. That kind of freaked me out if it's true.
Symptoms of too much mercury in your system may include headaches, muscle twitching, hair loss and depression.

That’s right

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A lot of people are under the misapprehension that farm-raise fish and shellfish are better for the environment, are keeping us from depleting wild stocks. The truth is, fish and shrimp farming produces an immense amount of water pollution, and the highly concentrated populations of fish make pathogens more concentrated, and these pathogens often end up infecting wild populations.

If you are going to buy seafood, it is best to research which species are sustainably harvested from healthy wild populations. Also, if you eat canned tuna a lot, be sure to buy low mercury brands. Whole Foods has a lot of choices of low mercury tunas.

I don't eat tuna that often, and I also get annual medical survellance for my job (environmental scientist) that includes testing for heavy metals. Back in 2000, I think it was, they caught elevated arsenic, but on retesting found it was organic arsenic, which is toxicologically inert. I got it from eating a lot of fresh seafood. That's what happens when you can get it free from your own crab traps :)

boy I have all of those and I dont
eat fish

I have noticed that
they are telling you if the fish is wild caught or farm raised. I agree that farm raised is not the best and does a lot of poluting. But all said if you buy the prepackaged meals with the long list of ingredients that contain words you cant pronounce which is worse??

Junk food
I was surprised to find that the plain Lays potato chips have nothing but potatos oil and salt, but if you check the lable on cheetos or nacho chips the list of bad ingredients is huge.

The oil they use is suspect though. I noticed some deep frying oil contains silacone. I like to fry food but I fry everything in olive oil.