Anyone found any quick meals (freeze-dried, etc.) that are low in sodium, fat, and sugar? I’m diabetic and I had a mild heart attack a couple of months ago so I’m supposed to watch this stuff. I’ve looked, but most of the quick food out there is really high in these things. I’m a simple, one pot, no refrigeration, Jet Boil, kinda guy.

Enertia Trail Foods
Take a look at Enertia Trail Foods. I like their packaging, serving size (they sell single serving meals which is crucial for me), and taste. Price is comparable to other camping meals that are like these. All nutritional info is on the website, too. Great company to deal with.

buy a dehydrator
a good book on dehydrating for backpackers that has recipes and start your workout in the kitchen.

You can dehydrate just about anything you eat at home.

This gives you total control over what you eat.

Plus its a good winter project.

Its probably too late in the season to start now though you might think of dehydrating for next year this summers bounty of fresh veggies and fruit.

Enertia Trail Foods
I second this recommendation. My favorite pre-made camping food.

Jet Boil cooking
I made red beans and rice (Zataran’s)in my jet boil last nite … The sodium may be an issue, I forget how much. Anyway, I made pancakes on my jet boil fry pan. Worked great! Also, you can bake (fry) bread (pretty sure …will try tonight). I boil fish in the fry pan. Just fish and water. Taste great, all good for you. The Jet Boil system is great. I take the cup and a fry pan and I am set to cook all my meals … especially if the fire ban is still in place.


I looked on their web site and most of their stuff is pretty high in salt. I e-mailed them to ask for their suggestions. Zaterain’s is good, but high in salt also. Sigh.

Hawks Vittles

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A new small home business by a retired chef and avid outsdoorsman/backpacker. I just ordered a bunch and will try it as soon as possible. The reports I've read about it are 'glowing'

Vittles site is:

Mary Jane’s Farm Outpost
If you don’t mind going meatless, try Mary Jane’s concoctions. I try to buy lower-salt products, and this is one of the better brands for that. They taste good, too. Most FD and similar products are already low-fat and low-cholesterol.

Two other good brands are Richmoor’s Natural High and AlpineAire. But you need to check sodium content on a meal-by-meal basis. Shouldn’t be hard to do, as nutrition info is often published on the company’s website. Even Mountain House does this (and that’s one brand I’d steer clear of because they have very high salt content).

Pack Lite Food?
I can’t believe that I didn’t think of this before because it is made in the same town I live in. What about Pack Lite Foods:

I’m not sure exactly what low salt means in terms of grams or %, but they list the nutritional info online.

Adventure Foods
I emailed this link to Redmond, but decided the rest of you might find these folks interesting…

Just contacted Adventure Foods and talked to Jean there. She was very nice, we even chatted for a while. They can and will alter their recipes to fit your diet. They don’t add any salt to any of their dishes but they do include a salt packet so you can use however much you want. She also sent me an Excell spreadsheet with all the nutritional data on all their foods. Keeps me from having to wade through a bunch of pages looking. Seems like some awesome, very personable folks. Taste? Can’t tell you. Yet.