tell me your favorite meal, just want some more ideas- we pack fresh and dry our own.

frrsh veggies
I try and bring fresh veggies on my trips to add to my meals, onions, carrots, zuccini, cabbage keep well. I saute them and add to what I’m having.

Good eats is part of our camping experience. We bring fresh eggs, (will last about a week if not too hot), cured sausage, vacuum packed bacon, vacuum packed ham, canned chicken, salmon in foil envolopes, whole powdered milk, butter (again, will last a week if not too hot) and lot more. One of the best books I have read is “The Back Country Kitchen” by Teresa Marrone.

P. B. & J.
Jack L

yep do all that , I save up the last pickings of my asparagus for a couple of meals ( great by itself or in pasta with cream sauce and prosciutto)

P B &J

the biddies are workin’ hard on the eggs, I slice my own bacon, but feel it may be (or should) be a criminal act to bring precooked fish to Quetico.

If you are looking for energy that is…
the way to go

Prior to our four month trip to the Florida Keys every year we get a case of PB at Sams Club.

We paddle every day and that is our main stay

Naturally at night it has to be a grilled Mahi sandwich with a couple of Margaritas

Jack L

chi chi junk food.
just tried this one in our jetBoil last weekend…from jetboil recipe page…its high in the chemical dept but sometime you need a flavor boost…1 package of ramen noodles crushed cooked and drained, then add seasoning pkt, the 1 handful of doritos (don’t read the label) and a few slim jim meat sticks sliced. stir and eat.

Queso Spaghetti
Coot 2-3 servings worth of angel hair pasta, drain.


1 can chopped mild chiles, drained.

1 can mushrooms, drained.

1 can queso cheese sauce.

2-4 oz diced summer sausage.

Stir frequently while heating.

Probably not as healthy as it could be but tasty and filling.



Penne Alfredo with smoked salmon
Cook penne and make creamy alfredo sauce from packet. Add smoked salmon, some parmesan ( I do carry fresh) and rehydrated peas.

Garnish with almonds.

Well that is one of our nineteen meals. I am drying tomatos and olives for Pasta Puttanesca.

Instead of salmon you can add some cooked fresh bacon for an awesome pasta carbonara.

Now someone’s speaking my language, trip’s over but we had some great meals: ribeye steak with caper tarragon cream sauce, linguine with fresh asparagus,prosciutto and peppers,2 meals of fresh walleye, spaghetti, bacon and eggs for breakfast most days- great weather,great trip -Except for the trashed up campsite on Darky( Quetico)… really! poop on top of ground near campsite, cig butts everywhere, and a spent propane can. We left it in better shape.

thanksgiving dinner
I get stove top dressing and portion it out. I add dry gravy from the readily available packets. To this I add chunk chicken from a foil packet and some dried cranberies. I started using it while hiking, it is light weight and all I need do is heat up some water in a jet boil and pour it into the freezer bag I store the portioned food in. No need for dishes, and unlike Mountain House I dont need an extra long spoon to get it out of the bag.

mary jane’s organic has some great shepherd’s bread that you can cook in a skillet

mashed potatoes
I do pretty much the same for the “thanksgiving dinner”, but also add instant mashed potatoes to the stuffing mix, about 50-50. Great flavor and extremely satisfying, it will keep you going for a long time.

Long Trip Food
For a recent long distance multi-month trip:

Breakfast: Flavored oatmeal and Nescafe or Folgers caffeinated instant coffee. We bought the oatmeal in small prepackaged pouches, as well as pre-packaging it ourselves in meal-sized doses in baggies.

Lunch: Salmon or tuna fish sandwiches and PB&J sandwiches. If we stopped near a town, we would pick up some bread, otherwise we relied on stocks of tortillas in 22-packs. These tortillas stayed edible and “fresh” for weeks. Squeeze bottles of mayo and mustard for flavor for the fish sandwiches. Despite urban myths about mayo, it was good for at least 7-10 days after first opening, even in the south’s 95F heat. By then they were empty anyway. The salmon and tuna fish came in sealed pouches, can’t remember the exact weights, somewhere around 2 to 2-1/2 oz. each.

Dinner: Assorted blends of dried rice meals (Knorr brand, ~5-1/2 oz), and dried mashed potatoes (Idahoan brand, 4 oz). Surprisingly, only one per person of either was sufficient for dinner even after a hard days paddling. One Knorr rice meal was sometimes too much, and we’d save the extra for the next day. Mix a pack of the rice or potato mix in 7 oz. boiling water. These meals are quite inexpensive, but I don’t remember their cost.

Energy snacks: 3-4 total/day of assorted PowerBars, Cliff Bars and Nature’s brand granola bars.

Fluid: Gatorade mix. We pre-packaged the powder into baggies for 1 gallon containers.

blueberry pancakes…but everything
previously mentioned sounds great.

After three weeks on the water
with Clif bars, if I never see another one, it will be too soon.

drying ingredients?
I always make the sauce and dehydrate the finished sauce. Puttanesca is my favorite tomato sauce, try dehydrating it my way, it’s much easier (plus, I would end up eating all the olives before they got into the sauce).