Foot asleep

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When paddling my left foot always fall asleep. Never the right one. I have tried cushions and all sorts of adjustments, stretching and just thinking happy thoughts. I am at my wits end. Should I just cut it off and be done with it?


I say…
yes, you want my saw?

with extending support for your thighs in front of the seat and/or elevating with foam. Some folks have experienced cut off of circulation from pressure from the lip of the seat.


That happened to my wife
in her previous kayak and she did exactly what Sing said and it cured it.

She put a piece of foam about two inches wide and the same height as the seat just in front of the seat.



I will give it a shot.
Whats a good source for foam?


Is the saw sharp?

Paddle Float Works Too!
if you can’t find any foam an inflatible paddle float works just as well. Just inflate one chamber to the height needed.


foot asleep
Maybe you have one leg shorter than the other?? Actually everyone does but in your case it might be a little more? Sometimes when you get sleepy legs, it’s because your foot pegs need to go a notch longer. Try that with both legs and see if it works. A seat should be on an upward slant just like your thighs are as you are sitting in a paddling position. The seat should support you lower thighs. If a seat is too flat it can cause the sleepy legs/feet because it presses on the area where the nerves are - a lot like sitting on a hardwood floor in the paddling position.

How long have you been paddling? First timers are bothered by everything. You body has to get conditoned to the paddling position. Try stretching your calves before paddling and reguarly.

I hate when that…

Means it will be awake all night.

keep at it
I’ve been paddling for a few years and the first few times of the season are always tough. My body doesn’t want to stay like that for an hour at the beginning of the season, but by the end of the season all day doesn’t bother me. I don’t use foam pads, leg rests or anything, just a good 'ol fiberglass seat and a low backband.

Like it was mentioned in another thread, work your legs when paddling. You’ll help drive the boat forward but also keep the blood flowing. As you’re pulling the right blade thru the water push forward with your left leg, then reverse.

rroberts reply
That was too, too funny.

And yes, my saw is very sharp.

Most paddle sports outfitters
carry it.

You can get it in various thicknesses, and it cuts easy with a serrated knife, hack saw or as smooth as a babys butt with a band saw.



Paddle float
I used to just shove my paddle float under my legs right next to the seat and that worked great. Another time a 2 liter water bottle did the trick. It wasn’t the seat it was the lack of support forward of the seat that messed me up. Shoving anything under the thigh there seemd to help.

I found foam on last night.