Foot brace position??

Any advice on the “normal” foot brace position?

i’ve tried them extended all the way out to where my legs are almost fully extended,but this seems to fatigue my hip joints!

While practicing my wet exit today i moved them in to where my knees are just touching the deck seems a little better!,any opinions?

…Get rid of the braces,and replace with foam? Was thinking about adding about 1/2 in. of foam anywhere my heals might touch…

A rule of thumb…
I’ve heard a good starting point is to stretch your leg out straight and set your pegs where your heels are. This will bend your legs when you put your foot on the pegs.

Thanks GrayHawk

Foot braces are foot braces !
If you extend them all the way forward where your legs are flat then you won’t be bracing off them.

Have a slight bend at you knees so you can brace off the pegs or braces.

For me, in rough water it is a lot of fun to become one with the kayak as I lock myself into the foot braces and lock my thighs into the thigh braces.

A little wiggle here and a slight twist there will make the boat do just what I want it to.



Not just for bracing
Proper foot peg position will not only be correct for bracing but also allow for good rotation in the forward strokes. Start with your butt pushed back into the seat forcing a slight forward lean. Extend the legs all the way out and flat, pointing the toes straight up. Adjust the foot pegs so that the arch of the foot rests on the pegs while in this position. While paddling, you’ll have the balls of your feet on pegs, which puts the legs in a bent position. This peg position gives you good knee purchase when you need to brace, as well as allowing for proper leg-pumping-form while rotating during the forward stroke.