Foot brace question?

Has anyone ever added a cross bar between the two permanent foot braces on a seal-line rudder?

My wife asked me to see if I could do it on her QCC.

I am thinking of using an aluminum bar and a couple of strap clamps to attach it to the foot pegs or some other means of attachment.

If anyone has done it I would like to hear if it came out satisfactory and what your method of attachment was.


Pat at Onno has some kind of setup for the QCC, I installed a gas pedal(ala surfskis)with a solid carbon fiber platform (the one pictured on his website is the one he built for me)on my EFT, which he was going to customize for my QCC. He was planning on using the existing smartrack system and adapting to it.


Be Careful…
A solid bar from one side of the kayak to the other was used years ago. It was found to be a foot entrapment hazard in some (low volume) kayaks as the kayak could pearl, hit bottom, and jam your feet firmly under the bar. Some improved footrests of this type were hinged, and could swing backward to avoid this.

Greg Stamer

Here’s my setup:

I used Al bar stock to make L brackets that fit in the tracks of the yakma setup. Then I bolted on a hardwood crossbar covered in neoprene. Comfy, I like it.