Foot Brace Systems?

In attempting to outfit my Mad River Outrage I am considering a few different types of footbrace systems. I am going to install a saddle without attached yakima style foot pegs. Has anyone used the type of footbrace that is a bar going across the width of the canoe as a whitewater footbrace? Usually the style I’m talking about is used by marathon canoeists as a brace in front of them (the MR link: Would this system work in a WW boat?

Minicell blocks
My Outrage came with the Yakima adjustable foot pegs. But my toes kept ending up underneath them.

I glued a couple of 3" x 3" x 2" blocks of minicell to the bottom of the boat beside the saddle. Simple, light and effective. The only downside is they are not adjustable.


If you use the aluminum tube cross
brace, add a couple of straps to it for your feet.

You can attach them to the bar using pipe strap clamps, and then you can tighten them or loosen them by loosening the clamps and either sliding them closer together or farther apart.

I like them loose in case of a swim.