Foot braces in a SOF?

I’m building a Sea Flea for the grandsons.I need some ideas for footbraces.

With a Yost build - pop in some Yakimas or Keepers. Hell, I’ll sell you a set of SealLines if you want…

For kids, adjustability is key. Seen many option on Yost site, etc.

Just glue in a couple of vertical blocks on the upper and lower stringers. Then you can attach adjustable foot pegs to the them.

I have done it and it’s no problem.

Good idea. Thanks.

Sea Flea
First, look around on Tom’s web site (yostwerks), including the folding boats section. There are lots of ideas there. The differences in the folding boats and the rigid ones are minor.

If you just install a 1x2 between the frame in front of the cockpit and the one holding the front of the coaming, you can easily install any commercial footbrace on that piece and it’ll be up where you can rest the ball of the foot on the pedal.

I’ve built 3 Yost kayaks and am building another, 2 Sea Bee’s (one for a class) and a Sea Ranger, will be starting the new Sea Dart this spring.